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1. All Clients who want to deal with Perfectwebmoney.in, through online/internet/ATM banking, must be verified. You need to provide..,
A) A latest passpost size photograph.
B) A Scanned copy of Passport issued by Indian Authrities, or
C) A Copy of Driver's license, or
D) Copy of a Voters' ID card. And
E) A scanned copy of your Bank pass book, from which you are dealing with us.
2. Only older clients who have transactional history with Perfectwebmoney.in are allowed to do Internet bank money transfers.
3. All new clients are only accepted through Cash/Cheque deposits at bank.
4. We maintain your details personally and not share with any third party. In case of any legal problems or events like fraud we may provide the information to appropriate local, municipal, state, provincial, federal or international bodies, legal action, law suits, legal investigations or financial audits. All disputes held within our jurisdiction of our Regd office.
5. We do not act as any mediator at any cost or any issue.
6. Perfectwebmoney.in is an operated e-Currency Exchange business from Perfect Money, Web Money, Bitcoin & Neteller And makes fact known to all clients.
7. Any kind of transactions are non refundable.
8. The mail Id which you provide during your order and your e-currency mail Id should be the same. And the confirmation screenshot should also be from the same mail Id.
9. During any exchange or selling of your e-currency.., in case of any fraud.., we has the right to make a case and will also collect back the transaction amount.
10. The seller or an exchanger should provide his transaction history of e-currency from where he bought (purchased) or earned the e-currency.
11. We are not responsible for percentage cuttings of your buying transactions. During exchange or selling transactions we pays the amount excluding the percentage cuttings.
12. To make advance buying, selling or exchange orders.., or to cancel your advance buying, selling or exchange orders.., should mail us before 24hours to the given mail Id in CONTACT US.
13. Please do not trust the third party members. We are not responsible if any third party member contacts you from any other contact. We will contact you only from contact details mentioned in our CONTACT US page. Please inform us if any third party member use our name.
14. We provide service only how to buy, sell or exchange e-currencies  We do not encourage or suggest anyone for any kind of investment schemes. After transfer of amount in your account its up to you what you do with that amount.